My name is Alexis.  I go by Lexy; my friends call me Sexy Lexy.  I was raised in a strict, traditional home with lots of rules and lots of things I couldn’t do.  I used to have turtlenecks in every color of the rainbow.  Then I left home to go to college.  Now I’m finding out who I really am without all the rules, and guess what?  I don’t really like turtlenecks.  Guess what else?  All those things I wasn’t allowed to do—I like doing them.  I like to have sex.  I like to give head.  I like rim jobs and BDSM.  When someone proposes a threesome, I think “the more, the merrier!”  And I like to share.  So I’m starting this blog so I can share these experiences I’m having and these things I’m learning about myself.  Welcome to one girl’s journey!