The Best Cock I’ve Ever Sucked

img_0007Last night, at yet another party, I met this guy.  Now, I’ve learned to be careful about meeting guys at parties because if they’re too drunk or too wasted, they can fall asleep on top of you before you’ve even got your panties off.  This guy was just drunk enough, though, and so was I.  Actually, looking back on it I might have been a little too drunk, because I sucked him off right there in the hallway.

We were in a house just off campus in a hallway in the basement and no one else was around at the time, but that’s still a little more public than I’ve ever done before.  I could feel his hard-on through his jeans, though, and he was a blessed man below the belt.  We were making out just outside the laundry room because we couldn’t find an unoccupied bedroom, and when I snuck my hand inside his jeans to give him a quick tug, I couldn’t believe just how big his cock was.  I knew I couldn’t leave without trying to get as much of it in my mouth as I could, so since there weren’t any bedrooms available, I just slid down on my knees right there.

It wasn’t as public as it might have been because he was facing the wall and, I hope, blocking any view of my face.  I pulled down that zipper, pulled out that cock, and took a second to admire it.  My hands barely fit around it.  I started licking around the head—I really love doing that, like I’ve got an ice cream cone that just gets bigger the more I lick it, and he was already leaking plenty of pre-come.  I had that boy moaning and clutching my img_0005hair in the first fifteen seconds.  I kept licking all up and down his shaft, and his cock just kept getting bigger and harder.   I pulled his jeans and boxers down enough to let me kiss and suck a little on his balls as well, because they were also magnificent.  Then, when his dick got that dark-red-shading-into-purple color, I stretched my lips around the head and just sucked it right in.

There’s something about having the weight of a guy’s cock on my tongue that gets me going like nothing else does, and this guy’s cock was enormous.  I kept sucking and swallowing, concentrating on keeping my gag reflex from interfering, and I kept fitting more and more into my mouth.  Breathing got a little tricky, but a dick like that is worth the trouble.  By now, the guy was straight-up groaning, and I’m pretty sure I heard some people start giggling a little way down the hall, but I wouldn’t have stopped for anything at that point.  I gave a satisfied hum around his satisfying length, relaxed my throat, and gave him the go ahead to start fucking my face.

He really performed, too; he clutched the back of my head and just let himself go.  I knew I’d feel it all the next day, not to mention that everyone would be able to hear it in my voice, but I couldn’t bring myself to care right then.  He fucked my throat like he was born to do it, and I cherished every grunt and every whimper that came out of his mouth.  I felt so sexy in that moment, so physical and earthy and vibrant.  When he came hard enough that I could feel his knees shake, I felt like the personification of some ancient pagan fertility goddess.  His cum ran down my chin and I licked it up like the finest wine, like an offering on an altar.  I’ve never felt more alive.

Sure, I would have liked to have had a little more privacy, but I wasn’t doing anything shameful, and I wasn’t about to miss out on tasting that gorgeous cock.  I did feel it all day today and everyone could hear it in my voice, but it was more than worth it.  Someday, when I’m old and frail and my dentures won’t let me do things like that anymore, I’ll have wonderful memories to keep me warm.  And when even my memory starts to fail me, I’ll have this blog to remind me of how fabulous my life used to be!